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High energy hospital grade UV-C for unparalleled no-touch environmental disinfection for multiple markets

The COMVAT DUO₃ - The World’s ONLY Global Disinfection System

An evolution in environmental disinfection, global disinfection by UVC light and ozone is accomplished using two reference non-contact technologies that can be used independently or sequentially for the disinfection of fungi, bacteria and viruses from both environments (air) and on surfaces. The added performance of Ozone Disinfection improves the integrity of the disinfection process in heavily shadowed areas and any areas of low exposure to pulsed xenon or continuous wave UVC.


The best of both worlds. The combination of these two reference technologies is what elevates the performance of the COMVAT DUO₃ supporting a global disinfection process, overcoming the limitations of other technologies.

UVC Mode - The GOLD Standard of Care for Light Based Disinfection

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), at a wavelength of 254nm is universally acknowledged as the most effective germicidal wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. Lethal doses of UVC light are harmful to bacteria and viruses found on surfaces and in the air. They inactivate microorganisms and destroys the ability of them to reproduce by causing photo-chemical changes in their nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)¹ hence eliminating the ability of these microorganisms to infect.


The efficacy of any UVC decontamination process is a combination of using the appropriate wavelength (i.e. – 254nm) and the intensity (energy output and exposure time) of the light.

Wavelength Precision Facilitates Performance

Continuous Wave UV-C 254nm - The Germicidal Wavelength

(30 feet)

Disinfect your space with integrity in as little as 6 - 11 minutes

As with all laser based technologies, the fundamental objective is the precise targeting and destruction of the target. Specific wavelengths of light (in this case 254nm) target and destroy specific targets. UV-C (254nm) is universally acknowledged as the germicidal wavelength and while some systems emit a range of wavelengths (UV-A and UV-B) it is UV-C which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective at eradicating target microbes and pathogens.


That being said NOT ALL UV-C DISINFECTION DEVICES ARE CONSIDERED EQUAL. Appropriate energy levels delivered with consistency to the perimeter of the treatment area are mandatory to validate the efficacy of treatment.  Lower end systems without adequate output power will not be capable of accomplishing the treatment objective While they may be marketed at a lower price, they will also be limited in their ability to eliminate the targeted viruses and bacteria.  COMVAT DUO₃ high performance lamps delivering energy levels recommended in major academic studies and international publications are capable of eradicating target microorganisms in as little as 6 minutes.


The 254nm wavelength is universally acknowledged as the most effective germicidal wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum. UVC light, specifically 200 – 280nm inactivates coronaviruses including;


• COVID-19² ⁹     •   SARS-CoV³   •   MERS-CoV⁴ ⁵

Intuitive & easy to use software tablet automatically calculates accurate dosage based on room size eliminating any risk of human error. Table also displays cycle time, safety warnings and all other aspects of operation.

Intelligent & Autonomous

Fifteen (15) high performance European manufactured lamps validate the integrity of the process, disinfecting larger areas in shorter treatment times.

Efficacy & Integrity

Green, amber and red lights signal when the room is safe to enter and motion detectors automatically halt operations if motion detected. Integrated software monitors all aspects of operation in real time.  Alternative manual control on front of unit as backup. Ozone detector monitors ozone levels at all times.

SAFETY is Paramount

Intelligent engineering facilitates superior performance relative to maximum energy exposure to targets, while maintaining a compact, protected design which is easy to move and store. Availability of 110V and 220V configurations maximizes versatility.

Practical & Compact

OZONE Mode - Optimizing the Disinfection Process

For many years, ozone treatment has been acknowledged for the inactivation/destruction of pathogenic organisms to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.  It is capable of destruction of the cell wall causing leakage of cellular constituents outside of the cell, with corresponding damage to the constituents of the nucleic acids (purines and pyrimidines).


Ozone used in low concentrations is also a powerful disinfectant against viruses in the air⁶. It has proven virucidal properties and is capable of decontaminating and deodorizing the air⁷.  Furthermore, studies have demonstrated the efficacy of low ozone concentration treatment for inactivation of MNV-1 and MS-2, which is a widely recognized model for norovirus⁸ making it particularly useful for decontamination of hospital environments.


The two primary ozonation processes are:


  1. DISINFECTION of contaminants and pollutants through the oxidation process of microorganisms suspended on surfaces, and


  1. DEODORIZATION by destroying all microorganism by oxidation, ozone eliminates the odor in air.

User Friendly Interface - Software Controlled Accurate Dosage

As with any new technology, ease of use ensures efficient and effective implementation and training programs and ongoing operations.  Germicidal efficacy is determined by the accurate dosage of both UVC and Ozone.


The COMVAT DUO₃ intuitive user friendly interface simultaneously ensures germicidal efficacy and eliminates the risk of human error by automatically calculating the exact dosages required based on the dimension of the room.

UVC Technology Proven to Deactivate COVID -19 and Beyond!

UVC technology has been proven to deactivate SARS-Cov, MERS CoV and Covid-19 as well as  C. diff, MRSA, VRE and other MDROs. 

A Multi-Disciplinary Solution 

Hospital Grade Environmental Disinfection for SARS CoV-2 (COVID 19)

Across Multiple Industries

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